Vehicle dealer lots are very interesting targets for thieves, because they know that vehicles are poorly protected or not protected at all. They also know that when they steal a vehicle from a dealership lot, it will usually take hours, days or even weeks before the dealer will realise that a vehicle is missing. Most dealers are equipped with surveillance cameras, but in fact these systems are not really discouraging thieves, they just record the events and most of the time, thieves won't be identified. Peripheral surveillance systems are recognized for frequent false alarms and when a real one occurs, it is sometimes ignored and treated just as another false alarm. Vehicle tracking and recovery systems can be effective against amateur thieves, but not against professional thieves, because they use frequency jammers to neutralise them. The Sentinel electronic security guard has been specially designed for vehicle lots protection and will solve your vehicle and parts theft problems.


24/24 - 7/7

Intelligent security & management and no false alerts !

Transferable from one vehicle to another                                  in less than 2 minutes !

Intrusion alert
Tilting alert
Engine start alert
Power loss alert
Vehicle's battery supervision in real time

Vehicle keys management

Theft deterrent LED

Infrastructure protected against frequency jamming and sabotage !


Proof of effeciency !

Since its introduction on the market in 2007, the Sentinel vehicle lot security system is used by dozens of vehicle dealerships. All the dealerships protected by Sentinel were facing serious theft problems before the acquisition of the system. All these dealers have completely eliminated theft on their lot, since they use the Sentinel security system for vehicle lots. Not a single vehicle protected by Sentinel has so far been stolen and this even if the majority of vehicle thefts on car dealership lots are generally committed by organized crime. Thieves who have tried to challenge the Sentinel vehicle lot security system were all apprehended. The word is passed among car thieves and they stay away from dealerships that are protected by the Sentinel vehicle lot protection system.

The ultimate solution for vehicle lot protection !

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