Wheels theft avoided by the Sentinel security system for vehicle lots.
During the night of September 26th a car dealer protected by the Sentinel car lot security system was contacted by the monitoring station reporting tilt alerts on 3 vehicles. The person in charge drove to the lot and when arriving, 4 thieves jumped in a pickup truck and drove away from the scene. A total of 12 wheels were removed from trucks. The owner estimates that the Sentinel vehicle lot security system saved him a loss of at least $10,000. 


An heavy equipment theft avoided last week thanks to the Sentinel security system for vehicle lots.
During the week-end of June 6th a heavy equipment dealer has avoided to become victim of theft. His inventory was protected by the Sentinel vehicle lot security system. Around 2:00 am he was called by the monitoring station reporting an intrusion in one of his vehicles. A security patrol was sent and when arriving on the site intruders jumped in a vehicle and drove away. The theft attempt was made on a vehicle with a value of $65,000.


Wheels theft avoided on a car dealership lot.
During a night of May 2014, a Laval, Quebec dealer whose vehicle inventory is protected by the RF Sentinel security system  was contacted by the monitoring center, about an alarm triggered by his RF Sentinel alarm system. Arriving on the scene, he found out that the window of a vehicle was smashed and someone had stolen the socket used to remove security locks on the wheels of the vehicle. Very happy to have avoided this theft thanks to his RF Sentinel system, he learned that during the same weekend, a nearby dealer had several wheels stolen on his vehicles. RF Sentinel is a high end security system, specially designed to protect vehicle dealership lots.


Three more car thieves surprised by the RF Sentinel car lot protection system.
On March 1st 2014, three car thieves were surprised on car dealer lot in the Montreal region. At 4:00 am alarms were triggered by the RF Sentinel car lot protection system and security guards were dispatched on the lot. When they arrived, they have found 2 vehicles with missing wheels. A few minutes later they have seen 3 men running away from the lot. The thieves were not arrested, but the dealership owner was very happy to avoid a theft that would have cost him thousands of dollars. RF sentinel car lot security system is on the market since 2007 and protects many car, trucks and heavy equipment dealer lots in Canada and Europe.