car lot theft

Vehicles are poorly protected or not protected at all.

They know that when they steal a vehicle from a lot it will usually take hours, days and even weeks before the dealer realizes that a vehicle is missing.


A dealership protected by Sentinel becomes a lot less interesting for thieves, because they know that an alarm will be triggered as soon as they attempt to steal a vehicle.


It is also important to mention that in many situations, thieves enter the lot during the night and they prepare the vehicle. They come back during the operation hours to steal it while everyone is busy and the fences are open.  


Sentinel is the only security system for vehicle lots, that can offer a 24/24 and 7/7 protection. 


Most vehicles stolen on vehicle dealership lots are generaly luxury vehicles exported to countries where they will be difficult to recover. Vehicle tracking system and parts engraving are not very effective against this type of theft.