vehicle keys management

Vehicle keys management

car keys management
car keys management

Avoid losing keys, thanks to our keys management software. When they want to use a vehcile key, your employees must identify themselves to the person in charge of your keys, with a PIN number or with a Dallas coded key registered to their name.

  • Easy to use.


  • Tells you who has the car keys in hand.


  • Tells you for how long and why the car keys are out.


  • Tells you when the keys will come back.


  • Alerts you if the keys are not returned in time.


  • Allows you to make sure that your car keys don’t lie around in your dealership.


  • If RF Sentinel mobile units are installed in some of your vehicles, you can use the keys management system to arm and disarm the mobile units (key out disarmed, key in armed).